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  • Horn JBL Selenium HM-17-25

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Producător: JBL Selenium
Cod produs: Horn JBL Selenium HM-17-25

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Product Details

Selenium HM17-25 1" Bi-Radial Horn 60x40 1-3/8"-18 TPI

Selenium manufactures a variety of professional horns to complement their range of drivers. Each horn is crafted of high quality molded fiberglass, diecast aluminum or ABS and provides different angles of dispersion to allow for maximum and optimal sound coverage to suit the particular application. Selenium horns can be used in the most demanding of touring environments. The Selenium HM17-25 1" Bi-Radial horn exhibits outstanding off-axis uniformity, extremely low throat distortion, and smooth, detailed high frequency reproduction.

Specifications: • Horn type: Bi-radial • Minimum frequency: 1,500 Hz • Nominal dispersion: 60° H x 40° V • Throat diameter: 1.0" • Mounting type: 1-3/8"-18 TPI • Dimensions: 6.34" W x 5.16" H x 4.16" D • Cabinet cutout: 4-1/2" x 4-1/2".

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