dB Mark DP28 PLUS
  • dB Mark DP28 PLUS
  • dB Mark DP28 PLUS
  • dB Mark DP28 PLUS
  • dB Mark DP28 PLUS
  • dB Mark DP28 PLUS
  • dB Mark DP28 PLUS
  • dB Mark DP28 PLUS

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Producător: dB Mark
Cod produs: dB Mark DP28 PLUS
dB-Mark DP28 PLUS - 2-in 8-out Digital Active Crossover


  • 2 balanced inputs and 8 balanced outputs on XLRs.
  • DP+ Series allows remote control over LAN via TCP/IP with built-in web-based GUI
  • All channels can be configured using Parametric EQ, High/Low Shelf EQ, and 1st/2nd order All Pass filters.
  • Fully adjustable crossover filters on all output channels, with slopes from 12dB to 48dB per octave.
  • Linkwitz-Riley, Butterworth, or Bessel curves can be individually selected on the high-pass and low-pass.
  • Each input has 2 dynamic EQs, noise gate, and adjustable compressor.
  • Automatic Gain Control available on input channels.
  • Configurable compressor and peak limiter on every output channel.
  • Delay on all channels, adjustable in milliseconds, metres or feet.
  • Full matrix mixing, route any input to any output.
  • All input and output channels can be individually muted.
  • Channels can be linked for convenience to allow editing of two or more channels at a time
  • 32-bit digital signal processor with 24-bit 96KHz A/D and D/A converters.
  • USB 2.0/3.0, RS485*, and Ethernet connections are provided for PC control of multiple devices.
  • Operation possible using the front panel controls, Windows app, or the built-in web interface.
  • 30 user-program presets can be stored into the device and recalled, or backed-up to PC via USB.
  • Password protection for partial or full lock of system settings.
  • LED indicators on all input and output channels for level, mute, compressor, limiter, and peak/clip.
  • 2x24 character dot-matrix blue back-lit LCD display.
  • Gross weight: 5kg
  • Shipping Dimensions: 562mm x 296mm x 98mm
  • Power 110V /220V AC 50/60Hz <25W


  • Input Channel & Socket 2CHs, Female XLR
  • Output Channel & Socket 8 CHs, Male XLR
  • Input Impedance Balance: 20KΩ
  • Output Impedance Balance: 100Ω
  • PC Com Port One USB Com Port on front panel, 2 RS485 Com Port on back panel(RJ-45)
  • CMRR >70dB(1KHz)
  • Input Range ≤+25dBu
  • Frequency Response 20Hz-20KHz(-0.5dB)
  • S/N R >110dB
  • THD <0.01% OUTPUT=0dBu/1KHz
  • Crosstalk of Channels >110dB(1KHz)
  • Functions of Input Channels
  • Input Mute Each channel has Independent Mute Control
  • Input Delay Each channel has Independent Delay Control Range:0—1000ms stepover 21us@<10ms; stepover 84us@10-20ms; stepover:0.5ms@>20ms
  • Input Polarity Same Phase + or reversed Phase -
  • Input EQ Each Input Channel has 6 Bands Parametric EQ Central Frequency Point:20Hz-20KHz, 239 frequency points totally Band Width:0.01oct-3oct @ stepover is 0.01oct Gain:-20dB-+20dB @ stepover , 0.1dB
  • Functions of Output Channels
  • Output Mute Each channel has Independent Mute Control
  • Output Selection Each input channel can be selected to each output channel
  • Output Gain Range:-12dB~+12dB, step: 0.1dB
  • Output Delay Each channel has Independent Delay Control Range:0—1000ms stepover 21us@<10ms; stepover 84us@10-20ms; stepover:0.5ms@>20ms
  • Output Polarity Same Phase + or reversed Phase -
  • Crossover Each Channel can be set up LPF and HPF independently.Adjustable Parameters: Filter Types (Linkwitz-Riley/Besse/Butterworth ) Frequency Turning Point:20Hz-20KHz, 239 Frequency Points Decay of Slope:12dB/oct, 18dB/oct,24dB/oct, 48dB/oct
  • Limiter Each Channel can be set up limiter independently. Adjustable Parameters: Threshold Value:-20dBu-+20dBu Stepover:0.5dBu@starting time:0.3ms-100ms Stepover<1ms @0.1ms, Stepover>1ms@1ms
  • Output EQ Each output channel can be set up as 6 Bands EQ. EQ Paramater , Lo-shelf/Hi-shelf can be selected for EQ Modes. When set as Parameter, the centre Frequency will be 20Hz-20kHz,the total Frequency points is 239.Band width:0.05 oct-3 oct.Step is 0.05 oct,Gain: -20dB-+20dB, Step is 0.1dB.When set as Lo-Shelf and Hi-shelf,the centre Frequency is 20Hz - 20k Hz,the total Frequency points is 239, the slope is 6 dB/12 dB.Gain:-20dB-+20dB.Step is 0.1 dB.
  • Processor 96KHz Sampling frequency, 32-bit Floating-Point DSP
  • Display With 2*24 LCD, 8-LED input/output level. Mute and Editing mode can be displayed.
  • Power ≤25W
  • Power Supply AC110V/220V 50/60Hz
  • Product Dimension(W×D×H) 482×232×44mm
  • Net Weight 3.6kg
  • Shipping Dimension(W×D×H) 1PC:562X362X98mm/0.0199m3 6PCS:575X375X608mm/0.1311m3
  • Gross Weight 1PC:4.6(kg)
  • DAC Chip: Cirrus Logic CS4382A
  • ADC Chip: Cirrus Logic WM8786
  • DSP Chip: Texas Instruments TM320C6726
  • Op Amps: NJR NJM2068M

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