18 Sound  XT120

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Producător: 18 Sound
Cod produs: 18 Sound XT120
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Key Features

  • 1 inch entry
  • Unique Eighteen Sound elliptical shape (ESS)
  • Flat front and compact size
  • Injiection moulded polyurethane construction
  • Uniform on-axis and off-axis frequency response
  • 90° x 60° horizontal and vertical constant coverage


    Featuring the unique Eighteen Sound elliptical shape, the XT120 Constant Coverage High Frequency Horn has been designed for use in sound systems where top quality is required. With a 1" throat entry diameter, the XT120 has been designed to match the Eighteen Sound 1 inch exit high frequency compression drivers family. The XT120 maintains nominal 90° Horizontal x 60° Vertical pattern control, providing constant on-axis and off-axis frequency response from 2kHz to 16kHz in the horizontal plane and from 2.5kHz to 16kHz in the vertical plane. The XT120 smooth flare rate provides constant directivity from 2.5kHz, low distortion and a spherical wave front, avoiding the typical reflections usually associated with diffraction horns. The XT120 is made from high pressure injection moulded polyurethane foam and has been designed to be free of resonance and vibrations in order to assure maximum strength. Computer Aided Finite Element Analysis, as well as extensive testing were used to obtain the horn contours.

    General Specifications

    Throat Diameter 25,4 mm (1 in)
    Horizontal Coverage (-6dB) 90° (1 ÷ -10) average range (2kHz ÷ 12,5kHz)
    Vertical Coverage (-6 dB) 60° (15 ÷ -10) average range (2kHz ÷ 12,5kHz)
    Directivity Index 15 dB (2,5 ÷ 1,5)
    Usable Frequency Range Above 1.5 kHz
    Recomm. Cross.Frequency 2 kHz or more
    Sensitivity 108 dB
    Frequency Range 2kHz ÷ 18kHz
    Material Injection moulded Polyurethane

    Mounting information

    Mouth Height 150 mm (5,9 in)
    Mouth Width 200 mm (7,8 in)
    Depth 103 mm (4,1 in)
    Mouth Mounting Specs 4 6 mm ø holes on the edge of rectangle with165 mm x 115 mm (6,5 x 4,53 in) sides
    Driver mounting specs 3 5.25 mm ø holes on ø 57 mm (2.24 in) - 4 6.25mm ø holes on ø 76mm (3in)
    Net weight 350 g (0,75 lb)

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