18 Sound HD125

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Key Features

  • 1 inch exit throat
  • 109 dB SPL 1W / 1m average sensitivity
  • 25,4 mm (1 in) edgewound aluminum voice coil
  • 50 Watt program power handling
  • Low weight, easy mounting and handling structure
  • Usable in two way or multiway systems


    The HD125 1 inch exit HF unit has been designed as the natural evolution of the industry standard HD120 compression driver. It delivers an unmatched combination of extended linear frequency response and very high efficiency.
    The HD125 diaphragm assembly is made in proprietary treated polyethylene material. This design maintains the minimum resonance frequency point value at 1600 Hz, extending the frequency response in the mid region when compared to HD120 compression driver.
    The design of diaphragm and its surround in polyester material allow a best movement and stress control; the special radial ribs increase stiffness avoiding uncontrolled vibration modes in the usable frequency range.
    An edge-wound aluminum voice coil, wounded on proprietary treated Nomex, completes diaphragm assembly. Thanks to its physical properties, the voice coil former shows 30% higher value of tensile elongation at working operative temperature (200°C) when compared to Kapton. This plus is capable to keep properly energy transfer control to the dome in real working conditions. Moreover, this particular former material is suitable to work also in higher moisture contents environments.
    The polypropylene phase plug is the result of a meticulous design exercise. Its shape assures the correct acoustic impedance of the radiating dome, reducing distortion levels across a very wide frequency range. At the end, it results in a smooth coherent wavefront in the horn entrance, high thermal stability and manufacturing consistency.
    The HD125 compact size and lightweight ceramic magnet assembly has been designed to obtain 16 KGauss in the gap.

    General Specifications

    Throat Diameter 25,4 mm (1 in)
    Rated Impedance 8 Ohm
    DC Resistance 5,7 Ohm
    Minimum Impedance 8 Ohm 5000Hz
    AES Power 25 W above 2,5 kHz
    Program Power 50 W above 2,5 kHz
    Sensitivity 109 dB
    Frequency Range 2 kHz ÷ 18 kHz
    Recomm. Xover Frequency 2500 Hz (12dB/oct slope)
    Diaphragm Material Polyester
    Voice Coil Diameter 25,4 mm (1 in)
    Voice Coil Winding Material Edge-wound aluminum
    Magnet Material Ferrite
    Flux Density 1,65 T
    BL Factor 3,5 N/A
    Polarity Positive voltage on + terminal gives positive pressure in the throat

    Mounting information

    Overall diameter 87 mm (3,4 in)
    N. of mounting holes and bolt 2 M5 at 180 degrees
    Bolt circle diameter 76 mm (3 in)
    Total depth 46 mm (1,8 in)
    Net weight 0,8 Kg (1,77 lb)
    Shipping weight 0,9 Kg (1,99 lb)
    CardBoard Packaging dimensions 90x90x70 mm(3,5x3,5x2,8 in)

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