P-audio PHT-413

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Preţ: 120,00 Lei
Fără TVA: 100,84 Lei
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Producător: P-Audio
Cod produs: P-audio PHT-413
Puncte de recompensă: 1

The PHT-413 is a horn loaded super tweeter designed for use in three way systems or small background two way designs. The PHT-413 offers a very high sensitivity of 105dB SPL at one watt and one meter. This makes the system an excellent choice over conventional direct radiator tweeter designs when high acoustic output is required without a loss in operating bandwidth. The PHT-413 offers extended response to beyond 20kHz.This makes the system a true super tweeter and, combined with the high, professional level, output capability mean the PHT-413 can be used in many applications where direct radiator high frequency devices are not capable. The high frequency horn is a rugged ABS resin with additional glass filling for both structural integrity and mechanical damping. The 1 inch diameter (25.4mm) diaphragm assembly and P Audio designed assembly methods make the device and excellent choice for high fidelity music systems in restaurants, pubs and retail spaces. The small format and small physical size of the PHT-413 make this device excellent for applications in very compact two way designs where the low frequency transducer is an 8 inch or 10 inch professional loudspeaker

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