P-audio PH-2510
  • P-audio PH-2510
  • P-audio PH-2510
  • P-audio PH-2510
  • P-audio PH-2510
  • P-audio PH-2510
  • P-audio PH-2510

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Producător: P-Audio
Cod produs: P-audio PH-2510
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The PH-2510 is a diffraction style high frequency horn. The low profile height of 4.33 inches (112mm) makes the PH-2510 an excellent choice for applications where a short system height is desired or specified. The mouth dimensions of 4.33 inches (110mm) by 10.36 inches (259mm) provide a wide 100 degree horizontal coverage. The narrow mouth also provides a wide vertical coverage by acting as a diffraction slot. The vertical coverage of 80 degree makes the PH-2510 ideal for very wide dispersion applications and short throw. The PH-2510 is a 1 inch (25.4mm) screw on type horn and is compatible with many P Audio PreNeo, BMD and PA series professional compression drivers. The horn construction is a high impact ABS material with glass filling to provide additional structural support for the compression driver. The PH-2510 may be used in two way systems where the low frequency component is a 10 inch, 12 inch or 15 inch loudspeaker. Good acoustic loading allow the horn to be used down to 1200Hz. The PH-2510 may be used with the following P.audio professional compression drivers. ( or any industry standard compatible driver ) - BM-D440S - BM-D450S - PreNeo-340S - PA-D25 - PA-D26S - PA-D26SPN - PA-D38 - PA-D415S - PA-DE34S

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