P-audio SN12-MB
  • P-audio SN12-MB
  • P-audio SN12-MB
  • P-audio SN12-MB
  • P-audio SN12-MB
  • P-audio SN12-MB

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Preţ: 1.299,00 Lei
Fără TVA: 1.091,60 Lei
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Producător: P-Audio
Cod produs: P-audio SN-12MB
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The SN-12MB has been designed specifically for both direct radiator and horn loaded mid bass applications. This SN Series II design has been optimized for use in the critical 60Hz to 2000Hz vocal range and is an ideal choice for professional level three way designs. A typical 12 inch design must offer both good bandwidth, down to 60Hz, and good efficiency. The SN-12MB has all of its performance designed into the 125Hz and above range. This means that the efficiency can be optimized for this frequency range. High efficiency means that lower electrical power levels are required, thus improving both system reliability and reducing power compression. The SN 12MB is a 12 inch (314mm) diameter design that employs very high energy product Neodymium magnetics to proved extremely high conversion efficiency. The medium format 3 inch (76.2mm) voice coil design is an edge wound rectangular aluminum design to further maximize efficiency. Because weight is critical for portable systems or flown/suspended designs, the SN-12MB features a die cast aluminum chassis as well as the light weight Neodymium magnet structure. The performance parameters of the SN-12MB are optimized for professional level mid bass designs. If full range designs are specified the SN-12LF should be utilized. P Audio features state of the art design and manufacturing that insure the SN-12MB will provide very high power handling and reliability in high performance profession applications.

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