RCF CX15N251

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Producător: RCF
Cod produs: RCF CX15N251
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15", 1", 350W RMS, 700W program

The new hyper-vented aluminium basket and magnetic assembly design provide an excellent heat dissipation and lower power compression. Special air-forced ventilations are provided for voice coil, magnet assembly and basket.

A 2,5” voice coil combined a strength fibreglass former and aluminium wire drives the mid-bass cone with high efficiency and a good extension. The 1,7” dome compression driver, loaded to a 80° conical waveguide, provides a clear vocal output and a perfect high frequency extension.
600 Watt continuous program power handling Mid-Bass
2.5" , fibreglass outside, aluminum voice coil
101 dB Sensitivity
50 Hz – 3000 Hz Frequency range
Dual-forced air ventilation for minimum power compression
Triple-roll surround and exponential cone geometry
Demodulation ring
100 Watt Continuous program power handling HF
1.75" Diaphragm, 1.0" Exit Throat
Frequency range: 1200 Hz – 20000 Hz
2-slot, optimised geometry phase plug
Polyester diaphragm
Aluminum rear cover
• The CX15N251 is the perfect lightweight solution for vocal applications, stage monitoring and compact 2-way reflex enclosures.
• Ideal in designs where a constant radial directivity pattern is a requirement. is designed for use in compact reflex enclosures and stage monitor.
• 11100070
Diametrul orificiului de ieşire: 35.5 mm / 1.4 inch
Impedanţă: 8 Ω
Program power: 180 Watt
Power handling capacity: 90 Watt
Sensitivitate 1W/1M, pe axă, cu pâlnie: 110 dB
Gama de frecvenţă: 700 - 20000 Hz
Impedanţa minimă: 7.9 Ω
Diametrul bobinei: 63.7 mm / 2.5 inch
Materialul bobinei: Edgewound Aluminum
Numărul straturilor: 1, exterior
Diaphragm Material: Pure Titanium
Diaphragm Design: Dome
Suspension Material: Pure Titanium
Suspension design: Progressive
Factorul BL: 10.4 T-m
Densitatea fluxului: 2.0 T
Phase plug design: 3 slot
Phase plug material: Composite
Magnet: Neodymium
Voice Coil Demodulatuon: Copper ring
CX15N251 HORN  
Throat Diameter: 36 mm / 1.4 inch
Nominal coverage (-6dB): 60°
Cut -off Frequency: 800
Material: Structural Polyurethane
Diametrul orificiului de ieşire: 380 mm / 15 inch
Impedanţă: 8 Ω
Program Power: 900 Watt
Power handling Capacity: 450 Watt
Sensitivitate 1W/1M, pe axă, cu pâlnie: 101 dB
Gama de frecvenţă: 40 - 3000 Hz
Effective Piston Diameter: 330 mm / 13 inch
Max Excursion Before Damage (peak to peak): 39 mm / 1.5 inch
Minimun Impedance: 6.8 Ω
Voice Coil Diameter: 87 mm / 3.4 inch
Voice Coil Material: Copper
Voice Coil Winding Depth: 16.5 mm / 0.65 inch
Number of layers: 2
Kind of layer: Inside / outside
Top Plate Thickness: 11 mm / 0.43 inch
Cone Material: No pressed pulp
Cone Design: Curved
Surround Material: Polycotton
Surround Design: M-roll
Resonance frequency: Fs 55 Hz
Dc resistance: Re 5.6 Ω
Mechanical Factor: Qms 6
Electircal Factor: Qes 0.27
Total Factor: Qts 0.26
BL Factor: Bl 23.5 T-m
Effective Moving Mass: Mms 80 gr
Equivalent Cas air load: Vas 110 liters
ffective piston area: Sd 0.086 m²
Max. linear excursion (mathematical): Xmax 5.5 mm
Voice - coil inductance @ 1 KHz: Le1K 1.65 mH
Half - space efficiency: Eff 6.53 %
Overall Diameter: 393 mm
Bolt Circle Diameter: 371 - 376 mm
Bolt Hole Diameter: 6.4 mm
Front Mount Baffle Cut - out: 354 mm
Rear Mount Baffle Cut - out: 354 mm
Depth: 164 mm
Volume occupied by the driver: 3.8 liters
Net Weight: 6.51 kg
Shipping Weight: 7.30 kg

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