RCF CX12N351

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Fără TVA: 2.176,47 Lei
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Producător: RCF
Cod produs: RCF CX12N351
Puncte de recompensă: 51
12", 1.4", 520W RMS, 1080W program
The CX12N351 is a top class coaxial design that provides an excellent frequency response linearity withvery low distortion.

The CX12N351 is powered from an integrated high power neodymium magnetic structure that guarantee high dynamic and sensitivity for both components.

The mid-bass section features a 3,5" inside-outside voice coil design that provides a very high power handling, especially in comparison to a standard 3" voice coil.

Thanks to an integrated demodulation ring the mid-bass section gets a fastest time response and lower distortion. The compression driver use a 2.5" diaphragm with a 1.4" throat featuring several state of the art technologies. The diaphragm and suspension are formed from 0.05 mm thick pure titanium.
3.5" , fibreglass outside aluminum voice coil
900 Watt continuous program power handling
98.5 dB Sensitivity
50 Hz – 3000 Hz Frequency range
Dual-forced air ventilation for minimum power compression
M-roll surround and exponential cone geometry
Demodulation ring
2.5" Diaphragm, 1.4" Exit Throat/pure titanium compression driver
180 Watt Continuous program power handling
Frequency range: 700 Hz – 20000 Hz
Direct Drive Voice Coil Assembly
3-slot, optimised geometry phase plug
Aluminum rear cover
Copper inductance ring for extended response
• The CX12N351 coaxial transducer is ideal in premium quality applications where a perfect radial pattern, low distortion and curve response linearity are required. Perfect in high power stage monitors and compact high power reflex enclosures.
• 11100058
Diametrul orificiului de ieşire: 35.5 mm / 1.4 inch
Impedanţă: 8 Ω
Program power: 180 Watt
Power handling capacity: 90 Watt
Sensitivitate 1W/1M, pe axă, cu pâlnie: 110 dB
Gama de frecvenţă: 700 - 20000 Hz
Material membrană: Pure Titanium
Material suspensie: Dome
Design suspensie: Pure Titanium
Design material: Progresive
Impedanţa minimă: 7.9 Ω
Diametrul bobinei: 63.7 mm / 2.5 inch
Materialul bobinei: Edgewound A1
Numărul straturilor: 1, exterior
Factorul BL: 10.4 T-m
Densitatea fluxului: 2.0 T
Phase plug material: Aluminium
Magnet: Neodymium
Demodulare bobină: Copper ring
CX12N351 HORN  
Throat Diameter: 36 mm / 1.4 inch
Nominal coverage (-6dB): 60°
Cut -off Frequency: 800
Material: Structural Polyurethane
Diametrul orificiului de ieşire: 300 mm / 12 inch
Impedanţă: 8 Ω
Program Power: 900 Watt
Power handling Capacity: 450 Watt
Sensitivitate 1W/1M, pe axă, cu pâlnie: 98.5 dB
Gama de frecvenţă: 50 - 3000 Hz
Effective Piston Diameter: 260 mm / 10 inch
Max Excursion Before Damage (peak to peak): 39 mm / 1.5 inch
Minimun Impedance: 6.8 Ω
Voice Coil Diameter: 87 mm / 3.4 inch
Voice Coil Material: Copper
Voice Coil Winding Depth: 16.5 mm / 0.65inch
Number of layers: 2
Kind of layer: inside / outside
Top Plate Thickness: 11 mm / 0.43 inch
Cone Material: No pressed pulp
Cone Design: Curved
Surround Material: Polycotton
Surround Design: M-roll
Resonance frequency: Fs 58 Hz
Dc resistance: Re 5.8 Ω
Mechanical Factor: Qms 5.4
Electircal Factor: Qes 0.21
Total Factor: Qts 0.20
BL Factor: Bl 25 T-m
Effective Moving Mass: Mms 62 gr
Equivalent Cas air load: Vas 47 liters
ffective piston area: Sd 0.053 m²
Max. linear excursion (mathematical): Xmax 5.5 mm
Voice - coil inductance @ 1 KHz: Le1K 1.5 mH
Half - space efficiency: Eff 4.4 %
Overall Diameter: 320 mm
Bolt Circle Diameter: 293-304 mm
Bolt Hole Diameter: 6.5 mm
Front Mount Baffle Cut - out: 284 mm
Rear Mount Baffle Cut - out: 284 mm
Depth: 184 mm
Volume occupied by the driver: 2.2 liters
Net Weight: 5.9 kg
Shipping Weight: 6.7 kg

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