BMS 4540ND
  • BMS 4540ND
  • BMS 4540ND

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Preţ: 700,00 Lei
Fără TVA: 588,24 Lei
Dep. Ext. - livrare 10-14 zile
Producător: BMS
Cod produs: BMS 4540ND
BMS 4540ND 1" High Frequency Neodymium Compression Driver 60w AES 8Ohm


Features : 
Unique Patented Design 
Neodymium Magnet Assembly 
114 dB Sensitivity 1 W / 1 m 
Extended high frequency response up to 30 kHz 
Very small Size and low Weight 
38 mm Voice Coil 
1 3/8" - 18N Screw or 1" Flange Adapter 
Recommended Crossover Frequency = 1.9 kHz or higher 

BMS 4540ND is a powerful 1" professional compression driver that delivers superb sonic quality in a very small package. The unique BMS annular diaphragm together with the high energy neodymium magnet achieve very high sensitivity and linear frequencey response up to 30 kHz. 
The sound of 4540ND is extremely transparent and detailed, it has an exceptional dynamic range and produces even the most complex music signals with depth and definition. 

4540ND - 1" compression driver is designed for a wide variety of applications including high level professional reinforcement systems, studio monitors and high-end audio. 

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