dB Mark XCA26
  • dB Mark XCA26
  • dB Mark XCA26
  • dB Mark XCA26
  • dB Mark XCA26
  • dB Mark XCA26
  • dB Mark XCA26
  • dB Mark XCA26
  • dB Mark XCA26
  • dB Mark XCA26

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Preţ: 2.350,00 Lei
Fără TVA: 1.974,79 Lei
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Producător: dB Mark
Cod produs: dB Mark XCA26
dB-Mark XCA26 - Professional loudspeaker management DSP with 2 inputs and 6 outputs


High quality LMS with 2 inputs, 6 outputs, and optional PC control via dedicated software

• 96K Hz sampling frequency, 32-bit DSP processor, 24- bit A/D and D/A converter.
• 6 models available: 2 ins/4 outs, 2 ins/6 outs, 2 ins/8 outs, 3 ins/6 outs, 4 ins/6 outs, 4 ins/8 outs.
• USB and RS485 sockets for PC connection. 250 units can be linked via Rs485 and controlled remotely upto 1500m.
• Convenient use of function buttons on either front panel or the included software interface displays.
• 30 user-program parameters can be stored into the device.
• Safety/security lock buttons provide peace of mind again unwanted changes from unauthorized users or unwanted set-up changes.
• 6 independent parametric EQ of input and output. The gain range is ±2 0 d B. The EQ of output channel has two slopes: Lo-shelf and Hi-shelf.
• 4 2×2 LCD blue back-light display present. 6 LED display an exact digital level meter (and mute and edit status of input/output).
• Every input and output has compensation-delay, phase control and mute settings, delay function offer a maximum of 1000ms.
• Adjustable gain & limiter of output channel; Just choose the input signal and copy all the parameters from one channel to another channel with joint debugging.

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