Adeziv profesional difuzoare
  • Adeziv profesional difuzoare

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Producător: Poweraudio - adezivi
Cod produs: Adeziv profesional difuzoare

Adeziv Blacken 99 pentru asamblarea kiturilor de reparatie.

Kiturile de reparatie de la toti producatorii inafara de P-audio nu contin si adezivii necesari in procesul de reconditionare.


Acest adeziv de inalta performanta este ideal pentru a lipi suspensiile si elementele de hartie ale difuzoarelor pe sasie.

Un tub ajunge pentru un difuzor de 21", sau 1 difuzor de 18" sau doua difuzoare de 12"

Cantitate: 50ml


Blacken 99 - 3-in-1 adhesive black silicon sealant and liquid gasket


- adhesive black blacken 99 Glue Adhesive
- Adhesive Universal 3 in 1 (adhesive black silicon sealant + liquid gasket)
- containing 50 ml tube
- painted over
- do not mix. high temperature of 300 degrees
- resistant to oil and chemicals
- very high strength. Tensile strength of 900 kg / inch

- Highly Concentrated adhesive, quick adhesion, Multi-purpose, Easy to use
- Not wrinkling when spraying thin Materials
- High efficiency, High Performance
- Suitable for both temporary bonding and Permanent bonding

Used. for bonding embroidery, applique, Metallicfoils, papers, Clothing, cock, Plastics, Metal, and Glass Materials.

We are a leading manufacturer for adhesive Products with 12 years' Experience.

Directions for use:
- Shake well before use. Turn Spray. Tip so arrow points to dot on the RIM.
- Hold Can 20cm from surface to be sprayed
- Make Bond while adhesive is aggressively Tacky
- After use, Invert Can and Press Spray Tip until free of adhesive. Clean Spray Tip with Solvent.

Spray one. surface for temporary bonding and both surfaces for Permanent bonding.
Tack Range for one surface Application is 10 SEC to 10 min and 10 SEC to 20 min for Two surfaces Application.

- Keep Away from flame, Sparks and High Temperature
- Provide adequate Ventilation.
- Avoid Skin or Eye Contact.
- Keep out of reach of children.

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