P-audio SN3-30N
  • P-audio SN3-30N
  • P-audio SN3-30N
  • P-audio SN3-30N
  • P-audio SN3-30N
  • P-audio SN3-30N
  • P-audio SN3-30N

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Producător: P-Audio
Cod produs: P-audio SN3-30N
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The SN3-30N is an ultra small format wide bandwidth transducer. The 3 inch (76mm) diameter piston will produce excellent background music and speech reproduction. The small physical dimensions of the SN3-30N allow the transducer to be used in very small enclosures. The device may also be used in multiple array configurations and the center to center dimensions when the units are close spaced allows for lobe free reproduction thru the critical vocal range. The transducer uses high energy neodymium magnetics to achieve a very high acoustic output to weight ratio. The SN3-30N employs a large 0.8 inch (20.3mm) diameter voice coil that provides an AES rated 30 watts of continuous power handling and a full 120 watts of peak rated power handling when sufficient amplifier headroom is available. The SN3-30N utilizes P Audios under damper venting technology to reduce turbulent airflow near the voice coil. The voice coil design is P Audios precision round wire technology that provides good conversion efficiency and high thermal power handling. The cone design is Kevlar fiber composite that insures wide band piston range response and stability. The cone surround is a half roll rubber geometry. The transducer chassis is a die cast aluminum design that insures a very high degree of structural integrity and light weight.

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