P-audio PH-CL35
  • P-audio PH-CL35
  • P-audio PH-CL35
  • P-audio PH-CL35
  • P-audio PH-CL35
  • P-audio PH-CL35
  • P-audio PH-CL35

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PH-CL35 The P Audio PH-CL35 (Converging Lens) is a high frequency wave guide designed for use in line array sound reinforcement systems or whe- never planar wave-fronts are required. The PH-CL35 is ideally mated to the P Audio BM-D Series and PreNeo Series professional compres- sion drivers that feature 1.4 exit diameters. The PH-CL35 is also de- signed to couple to any industry standard 1.4 (35.5mm) exit com- pression driver. The PH-CL35 will accommodate compression driver major outside diameters up to 170mm (6.69) and will allow vertical stacking of multiple PH-CL35 wave guides while still maintaining ex- cellent wavelength spacing. The PH-CL35 is a converging acoustic lens design that achieves ex- cellent time coherence over the entire front of the wave guide mouth. This converging acoustic lens design acts to convert the naturally di- verging spherical wave front found in typical wave guides to a more planar, time coherent wave front suitable for use in large format or arrayed linear geometry loudspeaker system designs. The physical design of the horizontal exit width allows for the addition of customer configured horizontal radiation control boundaries of up to 120 degrees. The addition of simple mounting holes in the front flanges allow the customer supplied control boundary (horn) to be easily mounted to the PH-CL35. The recommended low frequency limit of the device is 1000 Hz. Although the flare rate of the device is a lower frequency, 1000Hz. is recommended to provide both good loading and reliability to the se- lected compression driver. The PH-CL35 is a rugged die cast aluminum design that will accom- modate both light weight neodymium based compression drivers as well as large diameter ferrite based drivers. The PH-CL35 is an excel- lent high frequency addition for conventional two way and three way single enclosure designs and can be easily combined to all the use of two large format 1.4 compression drivers in a single larger three way professional audio line array design.

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